Sunday, 29 March 2015

An Exclusive Discount From Smallable

One of the great things about blogging is finding out about exciting brands, so when the marketing department of Smallable got in touch to tell me about their new Spring 15 collection I headed straight to their website to take a look!

Smallable is an online department store with over 350 popular brands of fashion, furniture, decoration and toys from all over the world for babies, kids and teens aged 0-16. Their collection is made of some of the best designers from around the world such as Stella McCartney, Chloé & Marc Jacob and also popular brands such as Converse, Vans & Petit Bateau and famous toy brands such as Playmobil, Steiff, Jellycat and Dimpel.

There really are some beautiful collections and here are a few of my favourites I picked out for Tilly

Photo credit Smallable designer Morley

Photo credit Smallable designer - Billieblush.

So set aside some time to put your feet up an browse their website as the lovely people of Smallable are offering my readers an exclusive discount -  Save £10.00 on designer kidswear, decor and toys.

Just add MYSWEET10 at the checkout 
*Minimum purchase £75, valid from 27.3.15 – 2.4.15 at midnight, cannot be used in combination with any other current voucher codes and the value of the voucher is non-reimbursable in the event of a return.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Springtime Thankful List

Image source Pinterest

Oh finally Spring has sprung and focussing on my word for this year 'thankful'  I have put together a little list of all the things I am looking forward to this springtime.

Lighter mornings and evenings, it is so much easier to get going in the morning when it is lighter and the evenings are slowly drawing out, I can't wait until my little ones can play outside in the evenings.

Easter, this is definitely one of my favourite times of the year, I love how excited my little ones get with all the activities, Easter egg hunts and of course the chocolate!

The bank holidays, it so nice to have a break from the routine.

Warmer weather!

Lots of daffodils in the home and in the garden.

Mini eggs....

Spending more time in the garden and at the park.

Seeing beautiful blossom on the trees.

Planning weekends away, holidays, festivals and camping trips!

Ditching heavy coats and  woolly jumpers for lighter tops and jackets.

Visiting our local farm and feeding the baby lambs.

A visit to our favourite national trust property.

Hot cross buns......

Spring cleaning and opening the windows to air the house.

Have I missed anything? I would love to hear what you are looking forward to this Spring time.

Love and hugs
Cathy xox

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Monday, 23 March 2015

My Ballerina 52 memories/11

A few weeks ago Tilly started ballet lessons and she absolutely loves it, I was so proud of her how she went in and joined in with the class straight away. Last Saturday the parents were able to watch which was a joy, a memory I never want to forget seeing my little girl swirling around in her pretty ballerina costume, Tilly really enjoys every minute of the lesson. These moments are so precious.

As always thanks for reading, sorry its a bit quiet on my blog but I promise to be back soon, have a great week everyone. 
Much love 
Cathy xo 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

March Siblings 52 Memories/10

A quick trip to the park after school, they are always on the go! It's lovely they have each other. They fight they play but they are two peas in a pod. Often Tilly will say ' I want Georgie to help me' and secretly I see how he loves to feel wanted. 

dear beautiful

Monday, 9 March 2015

52 Memories/9

Hello lovely readers, I am ridiculously late with this post, to say I am a little out of sorts is an understatement! Things are a little up in the air, it's all good things,  but I feel rushed, disorganised and a little stressed, the weather isn't helping, Saturday was glorious but today its back to the freezing cold again! Like everyone I am completely done with winter, so here is a little photo of some beautiful spring time flowers in my kitchen that helped to make me smile last week.

Have a wonderful week everyone and I will be back soon, with a perkier post I promise! 

As always thanks for stopping by. 

Cathy xox

Friday, 6 March 2015

A Birthday Letter To Tilly

My beautiful Tilly,

I will always remember your little face when I came into your bedroom on the morning of your 3rd birthday, I gave you the biggest hug and wished you 'Happy Birthday' you gave me a huge smile and said 'really mummy am I now three, like all my friends?' Bless you my sweet Tilly you have been wishing to turn three for so long and now you are.

I am so proud of you and how you are growing into such a confident little girl.  You are really enjoying pre-school and have made some lovely friends and its amazing to see how you are showing such a creative flare. You love painting, colouring, sticking and you love to snip away with your kiddy scissors! Like your big brother you love to bake and you love music and dancing and you are really enjoying your ballet lessons.

You have this amazing imagination and I love to watch you playing with your dollies setting up a tea party and dressing up in one of your may outfits your favourite outfit is of course Elsa from Frozen!

You're such a bookworm and you love to listen to George reading while we wait for Daddy to get home and then you snuggle down for cuddles while Daddy reads you a bedtime story.

You have a lovely relationship with your big brother but just remember to be patient with him like he is with you and share your toys and take your turn.

Your such a caring little girl and you love, love, love your cuddles, you especially want to sit on my lap and cuddle when I need to cook the dinner or I am just trying to do a little bit of work  and I am so sorry that sometimes mummy can't sit with you, but I promise we will always have our special times together as I love our two days  in the week just the two of us 'Tilly's mummy days' and with Spring round the corner we will spend more time outside at the park and on your bike.

So enjoy being three sweetheart, its going to be a wonderful year full of fun and adventure.

With all my love hugs and kisses,

Mummy x x x x x x x

Friday, 27 February 2015

Tilly Turned Three - 52 Memories/8

Our darling girl turned three last week, we had a wonderful time celebrating and I love this sweet photo of her on the morning of her third birthday sat at the table while we sang  'Happy Birthday'.

We had the perfect morning just the four of us, Tilly loved the bunting, she kept saying 'for me mama, is this for me?'
She opened her presents with the help of her big brother and we made her some special birthday pancakes.

We then popped out for lunch to a lovely kiddo friendly café called The Button Tree in Droitwich if you're local I would definitely recommend a visit.
After a lovely lunch we then stopped off via Waitrose for more yummy food  and settled in at home. Tilly's lovely great aunt paid a visit and after a birthday tea, we danced and played it really was the most perfect day.
A few days after her birthday we had  Tilly's Frozen birthday party, I have got to say the build up seemed pretty immense and I was a little exhausted as I did all the preparations myself, but seeing Tilly having so much fun with her friends and to see her little face when her special guests Princess Elsa and Olaf arrived made all the hard work so worth while.
Oh how I love birthdays, I will be back very soon to share my birthday letter to Tilly and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
As always thank you for reading.
Cathy xox

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