At last we are getting outside more but my goodness hasn't the weather been unpredictable, (sorry to talk about the weather!) After that beautiful weekend we had its back to the rain and its so easy to get caught short when dashing out the door. The other day when heading out it looked sunny but then the heavens opened! Perfect timing for this lovely new rain coat that Trespass kindly sent me.

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Our Easter Staycation

So Easter has been and gone already and I am so late with this post!  If you are a regular reader you will get to follow my pattern by now best intentions and everything!

I really look forward to Easter, I love everything about it but like many holiday times I struggle without mum and I also  knew this one would be different as John and I wouldn't be together. But mums sparkle is there I just think of the special things she did for me and it spurs me on to do the same for my little ones, so out came the pretty Easter decorations.  

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Tilly Turned Four

Last month Tilly turned four! Such a lovely age for a little girl, she is growing up so fast.

On the morning of her actual birthday she had lots of lovely gifts to open with the help of her big brother of course. 

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Catching up with 52 photos

A catch up and check in post for you this afternoon.  I am doing well with taking photos for my 52 project, but getting round to posting them is another matter! Life is hectic, emotional and very different these days, soon I will write about my journey into single motherhood it's been a rocky one but I am getting there slowly.

My little ones  have certainly kept me going , they have adjusted so well into a new routine and living with one parent. They amaze me every day, yes they have their moments there has been tantrums and tears (them and me!) but their little world has been turned topsy turvy and I need to focus on that when I am having a difficult time, but all in all they have been pretty fantastic and I am super proud of them for making the journey a bit easier,  as all mama's know happy kids, happy mama!

Here's my catch up for my 52 project. 

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Hello lovely readers, I am just sneaking in with last weeks 52 project photos, another busy week left me a bit frazzled, so today I managed to grab a few photos,  Most weekends time is always spent at our dining table, George is getting a lot more homework these days and I do feel pretty blessed that he is happy to get on with it, he likes to get things right, he is a perfectionist and he does love to learn.

 Tilly is always more than happy to sit and colour but her ultimate favourite activity is the dreaded play doh! Fortunately we avoided that this weekend!

A photo of my children once a week, every week, in 2016.

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3/52 - Mornings

Hello lovely readers!

Thanks goodness for Friday, I am struggling with these cold mornings,  I just can't get back into the swing of the school run at all! Thank goodness George is on the ball most mornings he gets up and gets dressed, he will come bursting into my room, dressed and raring to go and breakfast isn't an issue he get a high five and lots of praise from me which he loves!

Tilly on the other hand is a bit more relaxed......... 'Can I just stay in bed and watch Milk Shake mummy?!'

This is a typical 7:50 am scenario one dressed, breakfast eaten teeth done etc, the other one needs to be prized off the sofa!!

How long till half term........??

Linking up with Jodi from Practising Simplicity 52 Memories Project

A photo of my children once a week, every week, in 2016.

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Book Review - City Atlas by Georgia Cherry and Martin Haake

We love colourful books with cool illustrations so we were very excited when this new city Atlas from Wide Eyed Book Series arrived for a review.

This book details 30 most loved cities in the world with key landmarks, famous people, hot spots to visit and child friendly destinations. The colourful and eye catching illustrations are done by Martin Haake, 

George loved it, there are some interesting facts about each city, I was amazed to discover the population in London is 8.3 million compared to 4.2 in Sydney! We chatted about some of the cities Daddy and I have travelled to and George homed in on New York ' I definitely want to visit here mummy' it's a lovely atlas to use to make some travelling plans with your little ones as its so colourful and inspiring. 

This book is great for pre-school age and above even as an adult I found it really inspiring and the search and find game of each city is a great way to get your little ones to explore the pages. 

I would definitely recommend this atlas it looks lovely displayed on George's book wedge in his room too.

City Atlas retails at £20.00 which I feel is an excellent value for such a lovely book with beautiful illustrations and will be enjoyed by our family year after year.

Disclosure: We were sent this book by Wide Eyed Editions in a exchange for a review.

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