Wednesday, 28 January 2015

52 Memories - Week Four

During this month we have spent a lot of time at home, a little bit more than I would like to be honest but hey that's January! I have done a tone of organising, cleaning, sorting oh and some online sale shopping! Oops what happened to frugal January!? To make me feel like Spring is round the corner I have treated our home to some beautiful blooms from our local greengrocer its not the prettiest flower shop but they sell lovely quality flowers and they are so reasonably priced, which means I can get away with treating myself once a week!

February is just round the corner now so bring on the lighter evenings and the blubs in the garden will be peeking through.

Much love
Cathy xo

Friday, 23 January 2015

My Thankful List


As I decided on a word for 2015 I thought I would put together a thankful list to focus on, it maybe on a bad day when things get a bit too much that I need to take a step back and just remind myself to look at the bigger picture and focus on everything positive around me. So here is my so far.

* Healthy and happy children - I feel so lucky to be a mummy to two healthy and happy little ones, watching them laugh, play and tucking them into bed at night puts everything into perspective.
* Health - My dad said to me the other day, something that his mum always said to him 'health, that is gods greatest gift'  and it is.
* Our home - To have a warm, cosy and happy home that is filled with memories is always something I will be thankful for.
* Parents - I have mentioned a few times on my blog how grateful I am for my memories of my lovely mum. Losing a parent has made me realise how important it is to treasure my dad and I am grateful for the time we have together, to enjoy his company and listen to his stories of the old days,  he is a lovely dad and I am lucky to have him in my life.

* To have a sibling - my sister has always been my friend, yes we fort like cat and dog when we grew up but since our twenties we have become very close, she is always there for me even though  she lives in  South Australia, she makes a big effort to keep in touch, both my sister and niece are coming back for a visit this July, I can't wait.

* My mother in law - I got lucky as I know you can't pick them!! But mine is a gem. My mother in law has been an amazing support to us with the children. She is a wonderful nanny to George and Tilly and we love spending time with her and so do our little ones.

* Extended family - I am close to my Aunt and Uncle on my mums side, My aunt has been a rock and a beautiful Great Aunt to the children, she will often stop by to see us in the week and they love spending time with her.  My Uncle is great fun to be around and will always make us laugh!

Friends - I have amazing friends old and some new, best girls like sisters I don't know where I would be without them.

*My husbands Career - John is certainly the one in our relationship who is having the career. He has worked so hard in building relationships with clients and has very long days, involving two hours travel. Although it's tough as a lot of the childcare is down to me and there are days when I wish he would walk through the door at 5pm to help with two demanding little ones. But we are lucky he holds down a very good job with generous annual leave (thank goodness for the annual leave!)

* Holidays & Travel - We love to travel and we did  a lot in our twenties with a year out in Australia and time spent time in Thailand and Bali, we love to discover new places to visit my wish list of places is always growing and I am thankful we had the opportunity to travel and experience living in another country before we started our family. Holidays are different now but in a good way, we love breaks away some times they are a little challenging with two children in tow but I am grateful we have the means to enjoy some time away as a family.  

* Education - We had a bumpy ride when George first started Reception, but now he has now settled so well into a lovely, nurturing, happy environment and Year One is going so well.  Tilly attends the nursery at the same setting three days a week, they are both so keen and happy to go, in fact some mornings they can't wait to get there.! They have so many opportunities at their school we are very lucky.

* Music  - music makes me happy, It brings out our emotions and is the best entertainment ever.

* The great outdoors - our garden, the local playing fields and park, my dads beautiful garden, the local country park. You can't beat the great out doors.

* Nights out - when I was younger I loved to party, John and I both did! But when you have little ones that does all change somewhat, gone are the days when we can rock in early hours and sleep off the hangover the next day! But when we do get a night out together or it's a girly night with my best girls, I savour the moment and enjoy it even more as now its once a month rather than every weekend!

* To be in a loving relationship that takes work and patience but I am lucky, we learn from each other and work as a team. We look after each other.

* To run a small business - it will never earn me millions I can tell you that!! But it brings in a bit of income for our family and I really enjoy it as I want to be independent and earn my own money. Every time I get an email through with order it makes me happy and running a small business keeps my brain active! To be honest without Simply Chic I think I would go a bit stir crazy if I had nothing to do at home apart from look after the little ones and do all the other housewife stuff! Even if I do have to pack orders at 10pm at night its worth it.

* To read beautiful blogs I am thankful for all the creative and talented people that share their work, talents,  beautiful homes, families, lifestyle and  holidays, after a long say I love nothing more that snuggling on the sofa with a cuppa and my laptop so I can catch up on a few of my favourites.

* Instagram - Seeing beautiful images can brighten up a dull day, it is wonderful to see so much such talent, it inspires me and helps to motivate my day.

So there we have my Thankful/Gratitude list for 2015, I am sure I will be adding to it but for now these are the things I need to remind myself to be thankful for every day.

Thank you lovely readers, I hope you have enjoyed reading my list. I would love to hear if you have any thoughts on being 'thankful every day' and what would you have on your list?

As always thank you for reading and have a beautiful weekend.

Big hugs
Cathy xo

Mums' Days

Thursday, 22 January 2015

52 Memories Week Three - My Sweet Tilly

Hello lovely readers, this week I captured a moment with Tilly just after her nap. Tilly and I get to spend two full days a week together just the two of us. We do cram a lot into our days we have playgroup at school on a Wednesday morning and often after lunch a playdate or we will try and get to the park or do some baking.  On a Thursday we may have to pop out in the morning and run a few errands, then we often meet up with friends for a playdate or we catch up with our Auntie Sue.  If we are at home I try to make sure I spend as much time with her as I can, but if I have a few jobs to do or orders to pack she will happily play with her dollies and play kitchen, now she is almost three she is so independent.

Tilly loves to natter though and will often talk about her brother and will ask me at least ten times a day 'when are we going to get Georgie mama??'  By the end of our two days together  I won't lie I am E X A U S T E D!!!! But at the same time content and happy that I have the balance of working and being able to stay at home and spend time with my children. Tilly knows to well that I miss them both, as she will often say to me when I pick them both up on a Friday 'You've got your babies back mama'

As always thanks for reading and if you are joining in with the 52 memories via The Mumdrum do let me know I would love to see your photos.

Cathy xo

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sale over at Simply Chic

Good Morning lovely readers, there's a great sale happening right now over at my my online shop and I am offering free UK shipping until 31st January 2015. Just quote 'mysweetthingsblog' at the checkout, I have a few of these lovely cushion covers and purses and one heart bag left, they are all half price and some great interior books and stationery so its worth popping over.

There are also a few of the Kolor storage bags left that I blogged about earlier in the month.

For international shipping quotes just drop me an email to

Have a great Tuesday everyone.
Cathy xo

Friday, 16 January 2015

Getting Organised

Yay it's the weekend, so what does this one hold for you? For us it's trying to stay cosy and warm and keeping our little ones entertained oh and sorting out more paper work! It's always this time of year John and I try to get our paper work in some sort of order.

Image credit Paperchase

I also have to get all my paperwork filed and sorted for my tax return and I need to make sure I start as I mean to go on with completing my figures every month instead of leaving it till the end of the year!! Never again.

I am finding my lollipop weekly planner really useful for planning, after school activities,  play dates, meal planning and scheduling blog posts, it really helps to have it all in one place rather than lots of different lists and I am loving my new diary John got me for Christmas from Paperchase. So far I am doing well, yes I know its only the second week in January but  I am making sure all my appointments and plans are in there.

So with all this paperwork for my business and running the home it's great to have some stylish storage  I am loving the new  'Get organised' range by Paperchase. the yellow is so bright and cheerful perfect for this time of year.

Image credit Paperchase

Paperchase are running a competition at the moment via Instagram and Twitter to win £200 worth of stationery , all you need to do is send them before and after getting sorted photos via Instagram or twitter using the hashtag #getsorted.

Also there sale is still running and between Saturday 17th January  - Saturday 24th January 2015 there is an extra 10% off (discount is applied at the checkout)

To see the full 'Get Organised' range and sale items click on the affiliate link on my sidebar.

Have a great weekend lovely readers.

Cathy xo

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

52 Memories Week Two

Last Sunday we went to Dads and John cooked us all a roast it was a lovely afternoon. The little ones played outside for a bit (they love their granddads garden) it was great to get a bit of fresh air.

After a lovely dinner we all relaxed by the fire, talked about mum and looked at some old photos. George and Tilly had a play on Nanny cushions clavinova which they thought was great fun.


I miss mum so much and although its hard to go home at the same time it is comforting, even though I still expect her to be there.  My heart goes out to Dad as he it the one that is now living on his own, without his beautiful Annie, but I will say she is watching down and so proud of him as he always makes us so welcome and  looks after our family home so well, its so lovely to spend time there. In Dads words he tells me ' I am just keeping up the standards' he is so house proud!  I love him dearly and so do my little ones.

As always thanks for reading,

Cathy xo

Friday, 9 January 2015

52 Memories Project

This year I decided to set myself a photo memory project and I found the perfect one via Rachel of The Ordinary Lovely Blog (Rachel's blog is rather lovely by the way if you don't know about it already definitely pop over)

The 52 memories project was launched by Mumdrum last year and the project has inspired families all across the UK to capture just one special or simple memory per week, I instantly felt this was something I wanted to get involved with and I am pretty excited about it, every week I will be sharing a photo I have captured on my blog,  I am a little bit behind already so here is one for last week!

Taken on Sunday 5th January 2015, we had nipped out for lunch at our local barge cafĂ© and a walk, although Tilly didn't want to walk very far and insisted on being carried,  it was so cold we were back home before long! Spot her cute red nose from the cold bless her. Not a great one of me bare faced with zero makeup but that's what I love about this project its all about remembering special and simple moments.
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