Friday, 27 February 2015

Tilly Turned Three - 52 Memories/8

Our darling girl turned three last week, we had a wonderful time celebrating and I love this sweet photo of her on the morning of her third birthday sat at the table while we sang  'Happy Birthday'.

We had the perfect morning just the four of us, Tilly loved the bunting, she kept saying 'for me mama, is this for me?'
She opened her presents with the help of her big brother and we made her some special birthday pancakes.

We then popped out for lunch to a lovely kiddo friendly cafĂ© called The Button Tree in Droitwich if you're local I would definitely recommend a visit.
After a lovely lunch we then stopped off via Waitrose for more yummy food  and settled in at home. Tilly's lovely great aunt paid a visit and after a birthday tea, we danced and played it really was the most perfect day.
A few days after her birthday we had  Tilly's Frozen birthday party, I have got to say the build up seemed pretty immense and I was a little exhausted as I did all the preparations myself, but seeing Tilly having so much fun with her friends and to see her little face when her special guests Princess Elsa and Olaf arrived made all the hard work so worth while.
Oh how I love birthdays, I will be back very soon to share my birthday letter to Tilly and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
As always thank you for reading.
Cathy xox

Friday, 20 February 2015

52 Memories Week Seven

I really wanted to get this post up yesterday but I just ran out of time, (it's been a hectic week!) Yesterday was Tilly's last day of being two years old, she was in a bit of grumps but I managed to make her smile! Does the top left photo say it all about the 'terrible twos'!!?? The toddler years have been a challenge, the tantrums oh boy we have had our fair share of those! But slowly I feel we are turning a corner.

So here is my little girl oh her very last day of being two!

 I will be back next week, we are in full throws of birthday celebrations here and Tilly is having such a wonderful time.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and as always thanks for reading.

Cathy xox

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Frozen Party Planning

I cannot believe my little girl turns three this Friday and she wants to celebrate Frozen style!!! Oh the joys of themed parties! Like many mummy's I am a little over 'Let it go' by now but it's what Tilly wants she is so excited and it's all she talks about!

So  the party is this Sunday, I have been planning it for a little while now and I felt I could relax a bit once I secured the entertainment, but then came the catering but I have nailed my shopping list  and will be spending most of Saturday preparing party food! My lovely friend Angela is making the cake and all the cupcakes too so at least I do not have the pressure of baking!! But the main stress has been the  decorations oh my this has been the hard bit, until I came across Pretty Little Party Shop  their balloons and other party supplies are subtle and fun and a huge preference to others on the market.

I also found some great suppliers on Ebay and Etsy for snowflake bunting, party bag supplies and other decorations. I do hope to share the party photos with you but sometimes the craziness of hosting a party takes over but I am sure we will get some. But in the meantime hope you enjoy my tasteful frozen party inspiration!


Let it go balloons, cupcake cases, blue and white balloons, tissue confetti all The Pretty Little Party Shop

Snowflake bunting Nellys Auk - Ebay

Snowflake confetti Ebay

Snowflake decorations -  Confetti Momma - Etsy

Tassle garland -  Precious Times Etsy

As always thanks for reading
Cathy x x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Siblings 52 memories/week six

Oh my heart, these two the other day after school watching television, as you can see George was oblivious to me snapping a quick photo. Tilly gave me a little smile.

Growing up so fast, their relationship blossoms every day, they do have there moments but I am lucky generally they got on ever so well.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Valentine Pins

John and I always try and make sure we have a special dinner date together on Valentines Day as nine years ago, nine years!!! John proposed to me on Valentines Day so we always like to try and celebrate it although I always have to subtly remind my mister! This year it falls on a Saturday so we plan to celebrate it as a family, a lovely excuse to spend time with my favourite people. I have started a pinterest board of ideas and I want to make it non commercialised with some craft, baking and a home cooked meal, some pink fizz (for John and I!) lots of cuddles and dancing what have you got planned?

Follow ▲ m y s w e e t 's board Valentines Day on Pinterest.

Our Visit to Thinktank Birmingham 52 Memories/Five

Last Sunday we we were all set for a family outing keen to be in the warm, we  headed to Birmingham's Science Museum Thinktank. I had researched quite a few reviews and we got some vouchers via Groupon.

There certainly was plenty to do for our little ones and it wasn't too busy. As soon as got there George was drawn to the big digger you could use to lift up the coloured balls and a working pedestrian crossing and the pneumatic drill to dig up the road! We really enjoyed  Kid's City, a fun role play mini town set up for little ones and that was heaps of fun especially for Tilly's age, it was a mini town for little ones to explore with it's very own health centre, where you could weigh pretend babies (Tilly's favourite part of the day!) a dentist with a chair, a car garage ,a cafe where you could serve food and lots of dressing up! It was a massive hit with Tilly.

There was a 'Things About Me Exhibition' where the children could learn about how their bodies work and investigate modern medicine and learn about exercise and they joined in with the aerobics work out. The street was also great for little ones to learn about recycling.

The planetarium was also a hit with George there are a wide range of shows about astronomy and space, with tours around the night sky and adventures around the solar system. We loved the real life robot 'Robothespian' and got to see him in action!

We had lunch there and the cafe was ok not brilliant but we were grateful for a pit stop and some lunch!

Another hit with George was the large gallery with full size planes, with an enormous steam train and an old Birmingham tram, we also found a small display showing how robots are used to build cars which George found completely fascinating.

There is so much to see there, I could go on and on and we definitely want to go back  when the weather improves as the outdoor science garden looked like great fun and there are lots of craft activities for little ones too. I would definitely recommend a visit to Thinktank there's loads of hands on exhibits and its educational but with a fun aspect and we all enjoyed ourselves.

For more information on opening times and cost visit there website you can also find them on facebook and twitter.

As always thank you for reading.
Cathy xo

Monday, 2 February 2015

Introducing Lumens & Wood

Hello lovely readers, I hope this gloomy Monday is treating you well.

Like many of us, I love to support local businesses and I am also passionate about helping people with a new venture.  David used to work with my husband and got in touch to tell me about his new lighting company, I instantly wanted to share his talents with my readers so first off I asked him to tell me a bit about his background and how he came to launch his business.

''I've always been creative and was a commercial photographer for nearly ten years specialising in product and interiors photography. During this time I worked with lots of designer/makers in helping them get their ideas off the ground with photography and general branding and I even used to teach photography and photoshop at Birmingham City University School of Jewellery (part of BIAD). As such I was always around creative people such as jewellers, product designers, lighting designers and shoe designers.

I always had ideas of things that I wanted to do and never had time to make. At the same time, I renovated a couple of houses and became pretty handy at pretty much any DIY bits, culminating in building a 45m2 extension on the back of our house. The building work exposed me to loads of different industrial materials, and crossing that with my creative ideas I had loads of ideas of things to make (and still have 100's going round my head!).

Due to our growing family and the economic down turn I was forced to look at employment again, but after two years or so in recruitment the longing to make something and see a physical result for my work was overwhelming and once again rolled the dice to see what I could do. The result was the launch of Lumens & Wood."

Modern industrial copper lamps with vintage style filament bulbs and unique hardwood laminated bases.

The materials inspiration comes from  trying to showing the potential behind ordinary, every day materials. The design inspiration comes from a modern industrial fusion where, industrial materials meets with refinement. I've always been a huge fan of scandinavian furniture design and the utilitarianism design movement of the early Bauhaus era and the design concept of the range of lamps has tried to draw of those two influences to produce something quite unique form industrial materials.
The lamps are entirely handmade by myself in my studio in Birmingham. All materials are sourced locally and the wood is all FSC certified. 

The website is Lumens and Wood where there is the full range and a further range of bulbs, fabric cable and other vintage lighting parts. 
Now the great news is David has kindly set up a  discount code giving 10% off everything on the site SWEET10 - valid to end of February.
You can also follow the links for David's social media pages:
It has been a pleasure sharing David's work here on my blog and I am thinking it would be great to have a feature once a month to tell my readers all about a new designer/business, so I am working on getting that off the ground.  As always thanks for reading.
Cathy xo

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