52 Memories - Week 41

Hello lovely readers,

My window of opportunity to record my happy list from last week passed me by, I am not very good at keeping up with regular features am I?! We had such a busy family weekend and yesterday my mister and I took the day off, we needed some time together to catch up, to chat without being constantly interrupted!  The craziness of parenting had left us a bit burnt out and John has been so busy at work and he was so tired. Fortunately for him he absolutely loves his job so I was super happy when he agreed to book a day off so we could enjoy a long weekend.  We had a lovely day,  a spot of lunch and some shopping in Cheltenham it was just what we needed I even got flowers, what a lucky girl hey! 

Taking time out does make me sit back and think about everything I have to be thankful for and what makes me happy. What has been so wonderful about last few weeks is the sunshine, a few weeks of what has felt like an Indian Summer has been so lovely, being able to  dry laundry outside (I know, I know,  I am easily pleased!)  and my two terrors have loved being in the garden after school in the late afternoon sunshine. 

So forever thankful for what was has been a  bit of an Indian summer and we have been able to spend more time outside. Now we have the wet and the cold, but I do love this time of year it so nice to snuggle down, light the fire and get cosy. 

Thanks for stopping by. 
Cathy xox
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A Topsy Turvy Week! 52 Memories

It's been an up and down few weeks, what with all the early starts and back into the routine of school and then I had both little ones at home for most of last week. Tilly had an accident, it was quite horrific she split her lip in the play area at our local fruit farm, it involved a trip to A&E, fortunately she avoided stitches, she was amazingly brave but at the time it was so scary for us all. I guess we will never forget this accident and you do learn from them although it wasn't her fault and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, play areas can be potentially dangerous and it is so important to make sure our little ones enjoy them but at the same time be really careful and make sure they are aware of other children around them.

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Shop bits

So there has been a few changes to my online business that I wanted to share with you. I closed my big cartel store in the summer, it was a big decision but with my Not On The High Street and Etsy store fronts keeping me busy there was no time left to manage it, so my website is now more of a landing page with links to my different stores and so far its working well and I feel more in control of stock levels and managing these store fronts as Etsy especially is very user friendly, plus it saves a massive amount of time on SEO and marketing as these store fronts do it all for me.

 I have two shops on Etsy one for Washi Tape, party ware and stationery. I opened a second  store front last week for jewellery and I am offering my lovely readers a discount for both stores. Yay!

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This Weeks Happy List

So how was your weekend everyone? Hope you had a good one, mine was challenging at times as my other half was away in sunny Spain on a jolly with work, so I was left with solo parenting and all the weekend chores sigh! But hey ho there are lots of positives so here goes with all the lovely things that make up my happy list for last week.

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The Happy List

Last week seemed to fly by,  I always see September as starting a fresh in many ways and I am going to aim to post when I can with a few things that made me happy during the previous week, So here goes with my first 'happy list'

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Summer Round Up - Part Two

As promised I am back with part two of our summer holiday adventures.  Our second camping trip was just down the road to Bewdley and we stayed at Hopleys Campsite We went with my best gal and her lovely little boy and oh my we had a giggle!

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Round up of our summer - Part one

I can't believe the summer holidays have come to an end and my little ones went back to school today. I wanted to try and update my blog with our school holiday antics, but it didn't happen so I thought I would do a round up in two parts of our school holiday memories.

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