Round up of our summer - Part one

I can't believe the summer holidays have come to an end and my little ones went back to school today. I wanted to try and update my blog with our school holiday antics, but it didn't happen so I thought I would do a round up in two parts of our school holiday memories.

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Dads Garden 52 Memories 35/36

For my 52 memories project I wanted to share some photos of Dads garden this summer, it looks so beautiful it's such a special place to us, I always feel super relaxed when we hang out there and I just love the memories attached to this beautiful outdoor space.

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Dream Loft Conversion

Ever since we moved into our beloved nest I have wanted to convert the attic, but now we have limited finances as we have been saving hard for the building work in our family room/kitchen it won't be happening any time soon but ideally as our little ones get bigger more space upstairs is definitely going to be what we need. At the moment we have two double bedrooms and a single bedroom (poor Tilly has the small room!)   it would be great to open up Tilly's room and have a big landing (something our house lacks at the moment) I would love to make this a small reading nook for a daybed as the view towards the playing fields is so lovely and it would be a nice place to chill out and also perfect to double up as a guest bed which would be wonderful to offer more space when we have friends/family to stop over.

Image Source Boligilv

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52 Memories/34

We were blessed with lots of sunshine in our parts yesterday so we headed to Malvern to stretch our legs and take in what is the most breath taking scenery.

Our little ones really enjoyed it, Tilly kept saying 'I can't believe we are climbing a mountain!' And  ' I really like it here mummy' in fact there were lots of tears when we went back to the car!

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52 Memories Week 33

I am just checking in with a photo for my 52 memories project, I have fallen behind again! The busyness of life at home with two little ones this summer hasn't left me with much time for my beloved blog so for now here is snap of us in sunny Devon last week!

We had a lovely few days the sun was shinning and the camping was fun until the rain came!! We have done lots of camping this year and our family mini break to Dorset was so lovely, there is so much to share and I so wish I had found the time to update my blog a bit more  but time has whizzed by! So towards the end of the school holidays I will share a long, rambling post all about our adventures this summer. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Cathy x 
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Mums Memorial Garden Party

Hello lovely readers,
I am so happy to share with you my post all about mums memorial afternoon, this is the third fund raising event we have done now to raise money for St Richards Hospice and we also donated some funds to the Church Lench Village Hall Committee.

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A room with a view

I grew up in the countryside but since my early twenties I have definitely become more of  a 'town girl' I love the fact that I can be on the high street within 10 minutes if I walk fast enough! (Not so good for my bank account though!) However we are blessed to have lots of open space very close by, huge playing fields, cycle paths, a nature reserve (and a really good pub) on our doorstep, so the best of both worlds really,  its so lovely to enjoy the open space, it's not as quiet as we would like but that's what comes with living in the town I guess, but I do feel lucky to have a lovely view from occasionally I will escape with a cup of tea and enjoy the breeze coming through from the sash windows and take in the lovely view and people watch of course!

I think its important to appreciate your surroundings, now we have decided to stay put there are lots of changes we want to make inside and the garden is a constant battle to try and make it more 'child friendly'  but  I do feel the location of our little nest is perfect for us.

Hope you're  having a lovely weekend, thanks so much for stopping by. 

Cathy x 
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