Friday, 8 May 2015

52 Memories Week 19

Hello lovely readers,

I have one for my 52 memories project  to share with you this afternoon. George was a very happy boy last weekend as he got to bring home the class bear 'Barnaby' he had been waiting ever so patiently for his turn and he was so excited to be picked last week!

I am sure many of you who have experienced entertaining the class/nursery cuddly toy which can seem quite a challenge, especially with the pressure of taking him to fun and exciting places!! Oh and then filling in the diary with all the photos and patiently helping with spellings it is a bit exhausting! But actually seeing how much George loved having this little bear at home with us filled me with joy and to think he is almost six and he is still so caring about teddies, I love that he is not growing up too fast and is still my little boy.  

Thanks for stopping by.
Cathy xox 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Moving stresses

Hello lovely readers,

So we decided a few months ago we would put our house on the market as we would love to give our little ones a more child friendly garden and we could also do with a bit more space.

We instructed a local independent agent who did an amazing job of the photographs and we got lots of viewings in the first few weeks and bingo we got our offer! We then viewed a few houses found one we loved and had an offer accepted. Yay! All going to plan......   we spent lots of time sorting out the paperwork for the solicitors so they could get the draft contract out and sorted out our mortgage for our purchase, then it went quiet, no survey on our property and with absolutely no explanation our buyers via solicitors advised they no longer wish to proceed! So we have been left feeling really in the dark about the whole situation and worse still it's a waste of everyone's time!

So with all this going on, we have decided to stay put for the summer and consider our options in the Autumn. I really want to enjoy the summer holidays with our little ones we have lots planned and the last thing I want to do is to be packing boxes! It has also made me have a rethink to take a step back and realise  how lucky we are, we have a lovely home and I do cherish our time here, so our sweet humble abode, our number 7 we are here to stay a bit longer! 

Now I am off to pinterest to pin open plan living spaces and new kitchens, as I am sure I can persuade my mister to get the builders in to knock down the wall in between the family room and kitchen to give us that open plan living space that would be amazing  and a mezzanine floor in George's room would give us more space upstairs and I am sure some really fantastic landscapers could sort our garden out! I think actually I could talk us into staying!

Thanks for reading 

Much love 
Cathy xox 

Monday, 27 April 2015

52 Memories Week 18

I need to get back into rhythm again with my 52 memories so here is one for week 18, I captured this memory while in Southwold. While I played on the beach with our little ones John took some time out to take in the sea air and the sunshine! Good times and lovely memories.

You can see more of my 52 memories that I have captured so far this year here 

Have a great week everyone!
Cathy xox

Friday, 24 April 2015

Adventures in Southwold

Hello lovely readers,

Hope you are well and if your in the UK you have been enjoying this wonderful sunshine we have been having.

The Easter holidays which seem a distant memory now were really lovely and it was wonderful to have Daddy home for a lot of it! The last weekend of the holidays we headed to the Suffolk Coast an area I have always wanted to explore and I am so glad we have now discovered it.  I do love West Sussex a lot and a big fan of Brighton but now I am totally converted to Southwold and the surrounding area. So here is what we got up to in Beautiful Southwold.


We did well, we pretty much hit the road by 9 am, which is good for us as I am such a faffer when it comes to packing the car and tidying the house before we go! I must admit I was not looking forward to the journey one bit, however armed with an entertainment pack sent over from  I Car Hire Insurance it made it more bearable!

The pack was great and George was very excited to open it, it kept our little ones entertained, singing along to the Disney CD and they sent us some great printable car games, car bingo, alphabet games, traffic jam, colouring , car search! It really helped with the journey so if you are going on a long journey I would definitely pop over to their website to download some of the games to keep your little ones entertained! Also if you need car insurance while travelling abroad I would definitely recommend getting a quote.

It did get a little competitive at times though especially the car bingo! 

To be honest the journey wasn't as bad as I expected we got the usual 'how much longer, how many more miles?? But the A12 compared to M25 and M23 was a dream! And we got to drive through so many pretty villages, we managed just one stop and arrived in Southwold just after 12 noon. We headed to the Pier stretched our legs and had our picnic lunch.

We then had a  walk along the Pier, the weather was lovely a little windy but clear blue skies Southwold pier is really great its quaint, with some lovely cafe's and a few shops we stopped in one cafe I can't remember the name but the cake was divine!

It wasn't too busy which was good and we had a lovely walk along the beach by the prettiest beach huts I have ever seen.

They are so picturesque, I am not sure if you can hire one for the day, something we will definitely look into when we come for another visit. 

Oh the joys of trying to capture these two together, Tilly is being cheeky as usual!!

We spent a bit of time of the beach and then it was time to head to our hotel for a much needed lie down and a cup of tea!

This is our family room at Blyth Hotel it wasn't a huge room but the furnishing were really nice and it was spotless and very confortable for a few nights. We chilled out in our room for a while then headed downstairs to the dining room for some dinner! Our little ones were a bit tired, Tilly was quite hard work the usual wouldn't sit still malarkey! But we managed to have some food and finished our wine once we got them to sleep!!!


We all had a fabulous night sleep and all refreshed and ready for our cooked breakfast which was wonderful I have got to say, John enjoyed the full English and I had the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs which was delicious. The hotel staff were so friendly and made the children some pancakes which they loved! 

The weather wasn't so good so we popped on our raincoats and headed into the town, which was only a five minute walk from our hotel and had a look round some shops, Tilly loves to shop although like most three year old little girls she wants everything!! There are some lovely independent shops and a fabulous vintage shop which was super busy!  We did find the cutest little craft fair too, here Tilly is with Daddy armed with her purchases looking super happy!

Like mother like daughter!!

After shopping like most men, John need food! So we headed to the loveliest bakery Two Magpies Bakery for some coffee and cake. 

It brightened up after lunch so we had a lovely walk down to the beach again, spotting some pretty houses and a lighthouse on the way.

George was desperate (his words!!) to go on the 2 pence slot machines and spend some more time building sandcastles! 

And fishing for treasure! 

We had a lovely afternoon which involved more eating and stopping at a cafe with this view.

 We got chatting to a lovely local lady who was there just hanging out with her boys, it must be so wonderful to live by the sea, one day hey!

We headed back to our hotel with tummy's full (ended up having fish and chips for tea) pretty exhausted and before we knew it, it was time for to bath the little ones and get them to bed and without too much of a fight they were asleep in no time, leaving us to enjoy some wine and a movie - perfect!!


After another wonderful nights sleep and delicious breakfast it was time to pack our things, which the children were a bit grumpy about! We promised them we would go via Aldeburgh as I had read some lovely reviews about it and the chap in our hotel had recommended we stop there. 

It was lovely although windy we had a nice walk along the beach, it's a rocky beach and I prefer the beach at Southwold, but again another charming and typically English town to mooch about, we had lunch there and a quick look around the shops and before we knew it, it was time to head home!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures in Southwold, it is such a gem of a seaside town, there is so much more to do in the area so we can't wait to return we had such a wonderful weekend. 

As always thanks for reading
Cathy xox 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

A little catch up

Hello lovely readers, well it's been a little while since I posted the Easter Holidays have been busy and I'm afraid i've neglected this poor blog,  its always a juggling act during school holidays looking after my little ones and dealing with my online shop.

It seems to have flown by it's been a bit stressful and my little ones have driven me a little bit mad at times but its been so much fun, with lots of play dates, visits to a farm, running around National Trust properties and Easter weekend with my dad feels like we haven't stopped! We have had had some time at home too in the garden which has been lovely and tomorrow we are rounding off the school holidays with a family mini break to Southwold even if the weather changes I cannot wait to feel the sand between my toes!

So here is a little round up of a few photos of our Easter weekend and a catch up towards my #52 memories project. 

I hope you had a lovely Easter break, I will be back soon with some photos of our mini break and as always thanks for stopping by. 

Cathy xox

Sunday, 29 March 2015

An Exclusive Discount From Smallable

One of the great things about blogging is finding out about exciting brands, so when the marketing department of Smallable got in touch to tell me about their new Spring 15 collection I headed straight to their website to take a look!

Smallable is an online department store with over 350 popular brands of fashion, furniture, decoration and toys from all over the world for babies, kids and teens aged 0-16. Their collection is made of some of the best designers from around the world such as Stella McCartney, ChloĆ© & Marc Jacob and also popular brands such as Converse, Vans & Petit Bateau and famous toy brands such as Playmobil, Steiff, Jellycat and Dimpel.

There really are some beautiful collections and here are a few of my favourites I picked out for Tilly

Photo credit Smallable designer Morley

Photo credit Smallable designer - Billieblush.

So set aside some time to put your feet up an browse their website as the lovely people of Smallable are offering my readers an exclusive discount -  Save £10.00 on designer kidswear, decor and toys.

Just add MYSWEET10 at the checkout 
*Minimum purchase £75, valid from 27.3.15 – 2.4.15 at midnight, cannot be used in combination with any other current voucher codes and the value of the voucher is non-reimbursable in the event of a return.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Springtime Thankful List

Image source Pinterest

Oh finally Spring has sprung and focussing on my word for this year 'thankful'  I have put together a little list of all the things I am looking forward to this springtime.

Lighter mornings and evenings, it is so much easier to get going in the morning when it is lighter and the evenings are slowly drawing out, I can't wait until my little ones can play outside in the evenings.

Easter, this is definitely one of my favourite times of the year, I love how excited my little ones get with all the activities, Easter egg hunts and of course the chocolate!

The bank holidays, it so nice to have a break from the routine.

Warmer weather!

Lots of daffodils in the home and in the garden.

Mini eggs....

Spending more time in the garden and at the park.

Seeing beautiful blossom on the trees.

Planning weekends away, holidays, festivals and camping trips!

Ditching heavy coats and  woolly jumpers for lighter tops and jackets.

Visiting our local farm and feeding the baby lambs.

A visit to our favourite national trust property.

Hot cross buns......

Spring cleaning and opening the windows to air the house.

Have I missed anything? I would love to hear what you are looking forward to this Spring time.

Love and hugs
Cathy xox

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