A fresh new week ahead

We had a really busy week last week and our weekend was pretty hectic too! We have been out and about every day meeting up with friends and taking full advantage of all the free activities going on in our home town at the moment as Worcester Festival 2013 is in full flow! We had a lovely visit from my Aunt and Uncle over the weekend they gave me these beautiful hydrangea's picked from their garden aren't they lovely. Today we are taking it easy and chilling at home for most of the day apart from our daily trip to the post office!  We needed a day at home Tilly is having her nap after waking far too early and being in a grump most of the morning!  George is happily playing with his cars. Tomorrow my wonderful dad turns 70!, 70! How did that happen?? We have a party planned for him on Saturday, when I asked him what he wanted to do on his actual birthday he said 'work, I want to work on my 70th birthday'! Got to admire him for that so I negotiated a deal he can work but only till about 3pm! My beautiful Tilly also has a little birthday tomorrow she turns 18 months!

Taken this morning in the garden she looks a bit tired bless her!

The time is flying by, slow down please!!  So off to dads for a little tea party tomorrow afternoon and lots of party planning for his big party on Saturday!  Have a great week everyone!


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