Busy times!

I have been a bit quiet on the blog and facebook page this week, it's the run up to our Vintage Wedding Fair and its all a bit hectic with last minute plans but after a few late nights and juggling I am almost there, phew!

I am also settling into my role as a mummy to a little school boy,  there is so much to take it about what he is going to learn in his first year at Reception, I have found a great website called  The School Run full of information about EYFS and we had a great meeting at school to establish the children's routine during the day and we sat in the Reception classroom to learn more about their environment, all the little ones had pictures of themselves and a quote about what they like George's read 'I like dancing with my mummy and eating biscuits' bless him! So I am feeling like more confident that I know what lies ahead for my little man during his first year! George had his first reading book from school this week which was very exciting for him and he is trying really hard with his phonics. We have also been practising  writing his name,  It is a magical time he is learning so much and has settled in so well. I just want to give him as much time as I can to help him. I keep thinking I will never get this time back with my little ones, they are so little and need me even more now.  I will feel guilty on Sunday as both of us are working John is such a bit support to me at our fairs, I know the children will have a lovely day with nanny, but I will miss them heaps.

I hope you have a lovely weekend the weather is looking good so still not time to pack the flip flops away!


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