The Big Feastival

Last weekend we went to the amazing Big Feastival  in the Cotswolds we went along with my brother in law, my nephew and some friends we all had a fantastic weekend! This fabulous family friendly festival is hosted by Jamie Oliver and Alex James, actually in Alex James's back garden!! (Big garden, acres in fact!!!) And boy do these guys make you welcome! They both have big families and you can tell their love for little ones as they put so much on to keep them entertained (which of course keeps us mums and dads very happy!) Check out George and his cousin Alex about to enter the Little Dudes Den!

It was bigger and better than last year, there was so much going on for little one's the fairground, cookery classes, the Cotswold Farm Park  where there and George really enjoyed the Creative Caravan courtesy of Hattie & Flora he made me a beautiful card. 

I love the idea of the crate for little ones to work off outside, perfect space and they can make as much mess as they like! The creative caravan was so quirky inside, I adored everything about it I loved the vibrant colours and it was beautifully done inside. 

These ladies are super talented and in fact styled the festival you can find out more about their work on their website. I was so taken by these wellies with flowers as we entered the Little Dudes Den I had to get a photo! 

So lots of time was spent in the Little Dudes Den and we so enjoyed the main feastival, the food was fantastic, the cooking demos, the cheese and wine tasting, the music the shopping the list goes on.... Although on the Saturday night we didn't manage to stay awake to see much of Basement Jaxx! We were so knackered from the night before  (and we all drank a little bit too much wine!) so there John and I were lying in our tent listening to 'where's your head at!!' The camping wasn't actually that bad, although I hardly slept! But we all had so much fun and the fact that we all camped close by our pitch was great and I was so grateful for my morning cuppa kindly made for me by Pippa,  I do not function without a morning cup of tea and the kids were so, so good they really enjoyed the camping and slept pretty well considering!

The highlight of my weekend yes I am going to sound like such a mum now has to be Justin Fletcher! He was superb, he put on such a good show for the kids, I captured George's face when he came on the stage he was so over whelmed! 

I felt really emotional as Tilly and George both loved it and seeing so many little ones with their mum and dads, happy, carefree, dancing and having so much fun it was wicked! 

So here are a few more photos of our amazing weekend, thank you Alex, Jamie and the Big Feastival team we had a ball! We cannot wait for next year although possibly looking to save some pennies and opt for glamping next year! 

For more info on this festival visit there website here early bird tickets for 2014 have been released already! 


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