Our little nest

I have always loved being a homemaker, I am not sure how good I am but I do love being at home, making it somewhere special, homely and cosy, our nest for our little ones. It was how I was brought up really my mum loved her home, my parents abode is a true reflection of how stylish my mum was, as a little girl I remember coming home from school and she had moved furniture and pictures around my dad was forever repainting the walls! And she was always buying new cushions! I certainly follow in my mums footsteps I also have a fetish for cushions!!

We brought our victorian semi back in 2007 and  moved in just two months after we got married, we were a bit naive about how much work it needed but we are getting there! It holds so many amazing memories for us, it has been the party house and is now very much a family home. It is our children's first home and we have tried to make it a place they will grow to love, I can tell George already  loves being at home he will often say when we are are out and about that he wants to go back to number 7! We have had some lovely times with my family in our little abode, my mum loved it she really enjoyed to walk into town with me when George was a baby and we would go to the shops and have tea and cake and talk about plans. I have had some amazing times with my sister lots of late night drinking and some wonderful festive and new year gatherings!  I have a bond with this house it may sound a little silly to people who don't get sentimental about bricks and mortar but I certainly do, it is definitely my comfort zone although I do know its not our forever house we will have another one one day, but we do plan to be here a while yet at least until the children have got through school. We will continue to nurture, love and look after it along the way, we have lots of plans I want to makeover our bedroom and a major  mission being our summer house my studio/office!
For now I will share with you a few images and there will be more to follow soon from George and Tilly's room and my bedroom wish list!


Our kitchen is a bit of a mix match of furniture but I think it adds to the character ,well that's what I tell myself as a 10k fitted kitchen is out of our league! 

Pre-little ones this was our dining room where we loved to entertain but now it is more the kids room with a small dining space squeezed in, maybe I will get my dining room back one day! 

Our Hallway

Our sitting room, this may sound a bit mean but I try not to let my little ones in here as this is our grown up space in the home, so when it gets too noisy and daddy is home you will often find me hiding in here!

Our bedroom is in need of a make over so I will be working on a mood board soon, although this is a treasured piece of furniture!

Simply Chic work space, not ideal as its in the hall! I cannot wait to convert our summer house to a studio.

I have had a much needed clean and tidy over the last few weeks as I have been wanting to get some photos for a while but looking at these unedited images does make me think I really need in invest in a better camera! Anyone got any suggestions?!

Well I will leave you with one more our playroom/dining room in full flow!

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour and have a great weekend everyone! 



  1. What a lovely blog! Have been reading through it this morning, so sorry to hear about your mum but I think you have done amazingly. We live in a 1930s house which looks pretty similar to yours although we've only moved recently and it is a STATE! Welcome to the blogging world (from a relative newcomer myself), will be back to read more!!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words Harrovian Mama, great to hear you have enjoyed reading my blog and thank you for the welcome will be looking your blog up :) x



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