October - Our best bits!

Oh my I am really late with this post, we are already a week into November! The weeks just fly by! October was a bit of a difficult month for me and really tiring, I got poorly and felt generally really tired which was a bit rubbish! We have so much going on at the moment and I have found the little people in my life quite challenging!

So whats been going on......  its not all been miserable! My dad has been an amazing support to us he brought us a little pressie a few weeks back, a new garden shed!

George loved helping his daddy with the construction!! Its a great shed and this now means our summer house is freed up from garden tools, the mower etc and we have had a major sort so we can crack on with the big renovation, my studio! This is a project my dad is helping us with and we couldn't do it without him. I will take some photos soon, it just needs a little bit of work externally and fixing up inside, its a great space and once we have got the work done it will be fantastic I am so excited about this project and I am really looking forward to having a studio where I can work making my jewellery and deal with my on line orders.

So back to October it was a busy one, George was so ready for half term as he was well and truly shattered from his first half term at school! I had some challenging days with both of them as still had to fit in shipping orders and I found there tantrums quite exhausting at times,  but we did have fun! I am not a big fan of Halloween but we did a few things to celebrate, George didn't want to dress up in a scary outfit he insisted on wearing his spider man costume and Tilly wasn't very impressed with her pumpkin outfit when I first put it on her,  but she did look so cute! We went on a Halloween hunt hosted by Tilly's toddler group which was great fun and had some friends round for lunch. We had a lovely day Ragley Hall  the kids had a great time carving a pumpkin and playing in the adventure playground.

I feel like I didn't get round to taking that many photos last month but this is October!

I had heaps of work on last week, every evening I worked as I really needed to complete a stock take and do my books.  I did heaps of IT work I changed our on line shop from a very complicated web package to a big cartel store which was well worth it, I am pleased with how it works and it is so user friendly but more importantly it means I no longer have to ask John for help with IT! He is far too busy!!!

So now we are into November, we are celebrating bonfire night tomorrow evening and Saturday I am off to London to  The spirit of christmas fair at Olympia I am going with my lovely friend Pippa, Pippa is a fellow full time mummy so we both need a children free day  to enjoy some shopping, wine and food and it will be so nice just to finish a conversation without the little ones interrupting! I will take lots of photos of all the lovely things I find soooooooo need this little outing. Have a wonderful weekend everyone back soon.


  1. The online shop looks great (so pretty)
    Hope you find some time for yourself in the coming weeks, it's a crazy busy time of year.
    Madeline x

  2. Thank you so much Madeline, hope all is well with you and your family, a busy time for you too!
    x x



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