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So far January has been quite lovely really as I feel we are not rushing around like mad people our routine is back in place and we have been spending some QT times together as a family. For me January is a positive month, the start of a fresh new year with the spring to look forward to. The nights are ever so slowly creeping out and before we know it, it will be light until 5:30pm Yay! I love starting the new year with new stationery, there is nothing better than a crisp new notebook to write down lists, (I could not survive without my lists!) I tend to keep mine by my bed as  always remember things while I am trying to drift off to sleep, but its the only way I remember things these days and having a notebook to hand really helps.

Being a busy SAHM trying ever so hard to run my own little business from home my little brain doesn't switch off and things go round and round in my head and I am such a night owl sometimes I get a second wind in the evening I literally have to say to myself to get to bed as it won't be long and one of my little ones will be calling out for me! It was 5am this morning, thank you Tilly Bops, thankfully after a cuddle she went back to sleep.

So back to getting organised  and time management so far this year I have done a few things to help to get organised around the home. This is what I have done with a few tips thrown in!

* Meal planning - I found a great meal planner I posted it on my My Facebook Page a few months ago and used it last year I find it especially useful during the school holidays,  you can download it here it has helped me to shop for the week ahead. George has a hot meal at school and Tilly at nursery three days a week so this takes the pressure off a little but I still need to prepare for John and I in the week and for the family at weekends, this planner has really helped me to save a few pennies too as I actually buy what we need and pop it on the fridge for the week ahead.

* I am not a great cook and I really want to improve on this, I have been researching some great recipes and quick meals for the family we watched Jamie Oliver's new show last week and it was great loads of great tips. John loves cooking and he was hooked I really want us to have something we can do together as a couple in the evenings and at the weekends, so lots more home cooked meals are planned for us. Tonight we are cooking  this fish pie  

* I have sorted out my bag and popped all vouchers in a plastic wallet so they are to hand if needed.  I was in Boots before Christmas trying to find my advantage card discounts could I find them!! No! Also had a good sort out of all the rubbish in my bag!

* More planning, home management setting daily tasks help me run things more smoothly around the home, I purchased this Android Tablet called the Hudl

 It is a budget one but if your non-techy like me its perfect and a great useful tool for me at home and for work I have been downloading lots of useful apps I love it! I worked so hard with all my Christmas orders so I felt I did deserve a little treat, it has a great diary section in there and I also set my chores in there so it sends me a little reminder and links to my phone ! Unfortunately I had to purchase from Tesco! But it is a good deal and recommended by BBC The One Show and has excellent reviews so if you want a tablet and on a budget would definitely recommend it.

* I plan to try and have a little present and card stash for little ones! There is nothing worse than not being organised in the present and card department for parties! George went to heaps of parties last year, so if I have a little stash of suitable items this will stop the mad dash to the shops!

* Plan holidays, outings well in advance there is nothing better then having something lovely to look forward to!

* I also need to get more strict with my time, stop wasting it....... Work time (Tilly's time at nursery) is to WORK not potter about, it will not help to pay the bills or pay for days out and holidays!! John and I have both agreed that the weekends we will both give each other time, a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday one of us will look after the little ones so the other one can have some time on there own, it maybe a quick trip to town, or to sit in the sitting room with the paper and a cuppa but it is important to have YOU time. Also to book some childcare on a Saturday so we can go out for lunch together or potter round the shops.

 * Go Mama Go. the ten minute pick up and last push before bath time!

While both little ones are glued to the TV (Tilly is crazy about Peppa Pig at the moment) I put all the toys away, puff the sofa put cushions straight, make sure kitchen tops are wiped down and dishwasher is loaded, evening meal is ready and Johns lunch is made for the next day, at least then after bath there is nothing more to do then get the bed time drinks and flop on the bed for story time! I can recommend trying to get these things done before bath for me there is nothing better then coming down stairs after they are in bed to a tidy house, yes I use Peppa Pig or Topsy and Tim as a distraction so I can have a mad rush around but I can live with that!!

* Make sure school events/trips , Assembly's are added to family calendar at the beginning of each  term.

* Be more aware of school holiday dates well in advance so I can plan work load!

* Have a clear out of old toys, clothes etc, we have friends and family who have smaller children so its great to pass things along or take them to the charity shop  and for me if I haven't worn it in twelve months its out!

So that has been my January so far lots of organising and planning oh and very much looking forward to going from this tiny workspace and the sitting room floor!

To this!!

Lots planned to turn our summer house into my new studio/office/stock room!

We have also changed how we shop, blog post to follow very soon about how I am determined to shop more local we have been using our local farm shop a lot more and we have researched farmers markets in the area and to try be more resourceful round the home with cleaning products. I was totally inspired by Team Pugh of A year without supermarkets I found out about these guys as they were in the Daily Mail, they do not use supermarkets and there blog is full of useful recipes and cleaning tips I have picked up so many tips so I would definitely recommend popping over to take a look!

Hope everyone is having a lovely chilled January, I will be back soon and thanks for reading.


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