A belated birthday letter to my poppet x

 I am still here! Things have been a little topsy turvy, I don't want to blog about these issues as they are doing my head in a little so the last thing I want is to write about it :( its nothing that won't get sorted out soon, hopefully anyway.

So back to my little Tilly Anne, here is your belated birthday letter. x

To my sweet Tilly,  I can't believe you have now turned two, you have grown and changed so much over the last two years and you really are a mini person now. I am treasuring these early years with you and often I will spend evenings telling Daddy all about our adventures! You are thriving on your routine and absolutely love going to nursery and on your home days we have lots of fun together just the two of us going to play groups, reading books, colouring, cooking, going to the park and seeing friends.  You absolutely adore your big brother and you get so excited when it is time to collect him from school and when you get home while I am preparing some tea for both of you, you have fun playing with George's cars with him and acting out Toy Story. You are loving your books and your play kitchen and love to play afternoon tea parties with your dolls and Teddies. Every day you are coming out with another word your speech is just fantastic and like your brother you really enjoy being creative.  Over the last year you have achived so much sweetheart and mummy and daddy are so proud of our little girl,

So now you enter into your third year Tilly, Daddy and I have put together some photos of your first two years you have brought us all so much happiness, we can't wait to see you flourish and grow from a toddler to a little girl. x x x


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